Finding the right dental coverage for your small business

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November 28th, 2019

When it comes to being a competitive employer in the world of small business, offering dental insurance can help you stand out.

With the expansion of the gig economy, job seekers may have more employment opportunities than ever. However, many of these gig jobs do not provide benefits to their employees. The security of benefits could be enough to incentivize a candidate to choose a small business position over freelance or “gig” work. In fact, three out of four employees say that the benefits package offered by an employer is an extremely or very important part of their decision to accept or turn down a job.

Currently, dental insurance is the third most requested benefit behind health and life insurance. It is linked to better overall health, meaning your employees will have better attendance. Offering benefits also sends the message to your employees that you value them and their well-being.

“The preventative care alone is worth it,” a Delta Dental of Minnesota small business customer recently explained.

Many small businesses owners or operators may worry that providing dental insurance is too costly, especially if the business is newly established. A common misconception is that small business owners will need to contribute (pay) a certain percentage of the premiums for their employees. This is not the case— small business owners are not required to contribute, and they can offer their employees the opportunity to elect benefits through their business plans without any cost to the company.

Small business dental plans are available from Delta Dental of Minnesota that provide comprehensive benefits and large dental networks at affordable rates for as few as two employees. Increased benefits are offered when five or more employees enroll.

Because small business owners often wear many hats, Delta Dental of Minnesota works to make choosing and implementing a plan straight forward and efficient. The streamlined enrollment and implementation processes make electing benefits easy for you and your employees.

Make an investment in your business and your employees’ oral and overall health by finding the perfect coverage for your business today!

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