Dental coverage is important for you and your family

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March 4th, 2016

Eating healthy meals, staying active and scheduling exams with your doctor are a good way to keep you and your family healthy. Buying dental insurance and visiting the dentist are just as important in establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Visits to your dentist keeps both your teeth and body healthy. Studies tell us that people with dental benefits are more likely to go to the dentist, take their children to the dentist, receive restorative treatments and experience more healthy, fulfilling lives overall. Need a few more reasons why you should have dental coverage for you and your family?

  1. You will save money when you visit the dentist! Why? Because preventive care is often covered at 100%. By seeing your dentist regularly, you are more likely to catch dental problems before they get too serious and require extensive and expensive work. If you do need extensive treatment and you visit an in-network dentist, your insurance will cover a good portion of the expense, making it easier on your wallet.
  2. In addition, if you have dental benefits for you and your family, you will save time. And every busy mom or dad wants to save time, right? The Surgeon General reports that 51 million school hours are missed each year because of dental-related illnesses. And did you know dental related problems are the #1 reason why kids miss school? Among adults, more than 164 million work hours are lost each year because of dental problems, either tending to themselves or their children. Treating problems before they become too painful or out of control will save hours of lost work and school time.
  3. Lastly, your smile will benefit if you take care of it! Smiles mean so much more than teeth. They are a way to express love, gratitude, excitement and joy. Take a lesson from Ashley and Patrick. Ashley and Patrick are a young married couple living in Minneapolis with their 14-month-old (and have another one on the way). They currently have dental insurance, and the number one reason why they use their benefits (beyond the obvious health reasons) is to keep up their smile for their son. In the words of Ashley, “a smile can make your heart melt”. So, why wouldn’t you want to take care of it?

Delta Dental of Minnesota is dedicated to keeping your smile healthy. Learn more about dental coverage options for you and your family. They’re turn-key, affordable and will be easy on your wallet. Start shopping now!