Preventive care in the new year

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December 31st, 2018

If you and your family’s annual maximum restarts in the new year, now is a great time to schedule checkups and cleanings. But fitting those trips into your busy schedule can be tough. We’ve got some tips and resources to help ease the burden:

Find a convenient time

  • There are some dentist offices which offer after-school and weekend hours. If these are the times that work best for your family, check those offices out.
  • If you have multiple people within your family who all need to be seen, schedule the appointments together on the same day to avoid the hassle of multiple visits.
  • Build the visits into your yearly routines! Link them with other annual events like spring cleaning, or your yearly physical.

Access scheduling tools

  • Schedule your appointment from your phone with the Delta Dental mobile app* - find it here for Apple or Android.
  • Get that appointment on the calendar early – even months ahead of time – to avoid conflicting events.

Take advantage of reminders

  • Remember to program the appointment time into your phone, set a reminder or write it on your calendar.
  • Many dental offices offer text, email, phone, or other reminders – some will even send you a physical letter. Work with your dental office receptionist to choose the best method for you.

*Appointment scheduling is powered by our partners at Brighter™. Availability may vary by geographic area and individual dentist participation in Brighter Schedule™.