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May 13th, 2016

Calling all parents of kiddos needing braces!

Did you have braces as a kid? Do you remember the names that came along with braces? Braceface? Metal Mouth? Either ring a bell? Those names were tossed around to the chosen few kids in your classroom growing up that had to wear braces.

These days, however, braces have become seemingly as ubiquitous as eyeglasses, almost a rite of passage for American youth in their formative years. They come in so many different colors and styles nowadays, they’re a conversation starter and almost viewed as a fashion accessory for kids. Studies have estimated anywhere from 50-70 percent of American children will wear braces between the ages of 6-18.

But, as you can assume, braces can be expensive. We’re talking $5,800-$6,500 on average. But, if you have a Delta Dental of Minnesota Individual and Family Dental Plan, we help cover your child’s orthodontic needs! You don’t have to worry about burning a hole through your wallet because Delta Dental pays up to $1,000 towards children’s (ages 8-18) orthodontic services.

Also, by becoming a Delta Dental member, you gain access to our network savings, if you see an in-network provider. Seeing an Out-of-Network provider is always an option. However, by utilizing one, you will be missing out on the discounts available to you. Need help finding a provider? We can assist you! Prefer to speak with a licensed insurance agent about your options? Call us at 866-764-5350.

If you don’t have a dental plan, you can easily shop for a plan today on our website. Having a dental plan will help you with the cost of braces for you and your family. Shop for a plan today!

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