Help your employees make the most of their plan

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February 19th, 2019

This year, show your employees you care by helping them get the most value from their benefits!

Dental coverage emphasizes preventive care to save employees from potentially costly treatments needed when problems develop. Plus, preventive care helps reduce time away from work. Every year, Americans miss over 164 million hours of work due to dental disease. By preventing diseases from occurring, regular visits to the dentist help keep employees healthy and focused at work. Most plans cover checkups and cleanings at 100 percent, so employees won’t have to pay out of pocket for preventive care and can save money in the long run.

Your employees can also save money and maximize their benefits by choosing an in-network dentist. These dentists have agreed to charge set fees for certain services, and dental benefits will cover the most cost for in-network care. Plus, employees can easily find participating dentists by using the dentist finder on Delta Dental’s website or mobile app.

Pre-treatment estimates can be requested for procedures over $200. These estimates help your employees know what to expect and budget properly. To receive a pre-treatment estimate, employees will need to ask their dentist to submit a request to Delta Dental. We will then respond with an estimate of how much cost will be covered.

Dental benefits can save employees money now and in the future. Help them maximize the value of your company’s plan by providing the right education and support.