The size of your dental network matters for your employees. Here’s why.

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June 14th, 2018

Network coverage should be a key consideration when selecting dental coverage for your business. Network size has a crucial impact on overall cost – both to you and to your employees. Here’s why a large network matters for your employees:

  1. Employees have more dentists to choose from.
  2. Employees’ current dentists are more likely to be in-network.
  3. It protects employees from balance billing.
  4. It saves your group money on claims.

Delta Dental has the largest dental network not only in Minnesota, but in the nation.

  • Delta Dental Networks include approximately 90% of the licensed, practicing dentists in Minnesota
  • Over 2,850 participating network dentists in Minnesota
  • Over 159,800 participating network dentists nationwide

Learn more about Delta Dental’s networks here.