What to expect during open enrollment

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November 8th, 2017

Open Enrollment

Insurance coverage for most companies begins on January 1, so many hold their open enrollment right around now! We’ve put together a little guide on what you likely can expect as you go through the process of choosing your benefits for 2018.

  1. Your HR department will communicate that it is time to choose your next year’s benefits.
  2. Often, your HR department will provide meetings to go through your options for the coming year. These meetings may include representatives from companies that provide your coverage to help answer questions.
  3. After you’ve attended a meeting, or your department has communicated your options to you, you often will have a few days to a couple weeks to elect what coverage you want to add, change, or drop.
  4. After you’ve made and submitted your selections, your coverage is unchangeable for a year. You may encounter a “qualifying event” which may allow you to make different choices, during that period.

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