Questions to ask your dental benefits broker

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December 11th, 2018

Your benefits broker is the person you rely on to understand your company’s unique needs and concerns, and to use that knowledge to recommend the best coverage options for your business. Your broker is trained to gather and convey the right information, but it can still be helpful for you to know what questions to ask your broker. Consider the questions below.

Evaluating a dental benefits provider

  1. Does the dental benefits provider have a good reputation?
  2. What is the provider’s network like? How large is it and what percentage of dentists nationwide does it cover?
  3. What customer service options does the provider maintain for groups and employees?
  4. Is the dental benefits provider financially stable?
  5. With what degree of accuracy does this company process claims?
  6. What data does the provider use to inform its coverage options?
  7. Does the provider offer options such as voluntary plans and employer-paid plans?

Evaluating a plan

  1. How does this plan help us reach our company’s objectives?
  2. Which plan options can help our business attract and retain talent?
  3. What is the cost of the plan to the company?

Understanding a plan

  1. What type of plan is it – fee-for-service, preferred-provider, HMO, discount plan or other?
  2. What network does the plan use?
  3. Can the plan be customized?
  4. What benefits are included? a. How are routine cleanings and checkups covered? b. What services other than routine cleanings and checkups are covered? c. What exclusions or limitations exist? d. Does the plan offer enhanced benefits for individuals with certain conditions such as heart disease or diabetes?
  5. What happens if our employees experience an oral health emergency while traveling?
  6. Are there waiting periods for certain services?


  1. What is the onboarding and education process like for employees?
  2. How will the provider help us streamline the enrollment process?
  3. What educational resources does the provider offer?
  4. What self-service tools and administration services does this provider have?