Beyond candy and knick-knacks: Six super fun stocking stuffers for healthy teeth

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December 13th, 2016

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Need to find a way to sneak some healthier options into your children’s Christmas stockings this year? Here are six fun stocking stuffers to help kids keep their teeth and mouths healthy.

Themed toothbrushes

Superheroes, patterns, popular animated characters, personalize-able – you can buy almost any kind of toothbrush these days. Consider an extra-special toothbrush to help get your child excited about brushing time!

Fun toothbrush holder

There’s no better way to complement a special toothbrush than to add a special holder to go with it. Animals, patterns, characters and colors – they’re all available online or at your local store.

Unusually flavored toothpaste or floss

Add a thrill to flossing or brushing time with bacon-, cupcake- or chocolate-flavored toothpaste or floss. A simple Internet search will turn up dozens of flavors you never knew existed.

Tooth brushing timer

There’s a variety of simple hourglass two-minute flip timers, digital timers, and ticking-timers available for purchase, as well as several toothbrush timing mobile apps (many that come with fun dental-related games for kids). Check them out online or in your mobile app store.

Brushing incentive chart

Many children respond to visuals (and to incentives). Add a colorful tooth brushing incentive chart to your bathroom to encourage good brushing habits!

Tooth Fairy tooth box

Knowing there’s a fairy ready with a reward for lost teeth helps ease what can be a very scary part of childhood. Adding a personalized tooth box to keep under the pillow for Tooth Fairy visits adds an extra-special element to losing teeth. Etsy and other online sources offer several options.