Make the most of your two-minute brushing session

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June 15th, 2017

Two minutes is a long time to stare at yourself in the mirror, but that’s probably what you do while brushing your teeth. Make the most of those 120 seconds—the amount of brushing time recommended by the American Dental Association—by multitasking as you clean your teeth. Here are four of our favorite ways to stay busy while brushing in the morning and at night.

  1. Strengthen your teeth and your muscles by squeezing in a few reps of squats, lunges or calf raises. (Christie Brinkley is a fan.)
  2. Get the forecast. View the weather app on your phone or turn on the TV to find out if you need an umbrella or a jacket before heading out the door.
  3. Keep a magazine, newspaper or short book in the bathroom and bone up as you brush.
  4. Listen to music. We curated a weeklong playlist to help you get started—seven songs to add extra oomph to your mornings and seven to help you wind down at night. (Note: Times are approximate, so you may have to add or subtract a bit to or from your brushing routine.)
List of Music to Brush your teeth too

And while it’s not multitasking, you can also use the two minutes to really focus on your form—brushing for two minutes twice daily won’t be as impactful if you’re not doing it well. To make sure you give equal time to all areas of your mouth, divide it into quadrants and spend 30 seconds working on each one. Brush gently in an elliptical motion across each tooth, concentrating on the inside surfaces, which are often overlooked. And don’t forget your tongue!