Why Is dental essential?

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February 19th, 2016

You may ask yourself, do I really need dental benefits? The answer is a resounding “yes”! Taking care of your mouth is an essential part of your overall health and your teeth are a critical part of your everyday success. Still on the fence about purchasing dental insurance? Here are the top 10 reasons why having dental coverage is essential!

  1. We need our teeth for every day activities such as talking and chewing- dental benefits help protect your teeth!
  2. Dental coverage is designed to focus on prevention for health issues, which is why procedures such as exams and x-rays are covered at 100% in most plans
  3. Don’t let the cost of dental procedures take a bite out of your wallet! Dental benefit plans provide financial assistance to you and your family and help you save money on dental procedures (big and small)!
  4. Dental benefits provide access to dental expertise and oral health experts
  5. Compared to health insurance, dental coverage is relatively low in cost
  6. At each dental check up, your dentist will screen for a number of health and oral health issues. Maintaining good oral health can help reduce your risk of serious health problems
  7. To detect potential dental problems early before they cause pain in your mouth and to your wallet
  8. To improve your self esteem and confidence. Your smile is the most prominent facial feature and is an important part of first impressions. A bright, healthy smile can improve the way you look and feel
  9. Peace of mind in case a dental injury occurs
  10. Certain dental plans can help cover the hefty costs of braces and orthodontia

Interested in purchasing dental benefits? Visit DeltaDentalMN.org to learn more about Delta Dental of Minnesota’s affordable options for you and your family! Remember, dental is essential- don’t go another day without protecting your pearly whites!