Should you brush your teeth in the shower?

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January 17th, 2019

For 4 percent of Americans, the shower is the ideal place to brush their teeth. But does your brushing location affect your smile?

Shower tooth-brushers often say it’s a strategic move – maximizing that time you spend waiting for the conditioner to set in, saving water and time. Some even argue it’s less messy to get taken care of in the shower.

But there are some downsides.

  • Because the moist shower environment lends itself to bacteria growth, the American Dental Association warns against leaving your toothbrush in the shower when you’re finished.
  • If you aren’t in front of the mirror and are multitasking your shower duties, you may not be as focused on your brushing technique as you normally would be – maybe your 45-degree angle isn’t quite up to par, or you may shave some time off that crucial two minutes.

Overall, the pros and cons of shower brushing are minor. What’s important is that you brush twice a day for two minutes, using fluoride toothpaste.