Finish your summer right – see your dentist!

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August 28th, 2018

Each year, 100 million Americans forego a dental visit, and that’s a big problem when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. Before your calendar fills up with school activities, athletic events and more, schedule routine dental appointments for your kids and yourself! No matter how good your oral hygiene habits are, a dental visit provides benefits that regular brushing and flossing simply can’t.

Reason 1: Cleaning up tartar

When plaque stays on your teeth for too long, it hardens, or calcifies, along your gum line and forms tartar. When this happens, regular brushing is not sufficient for removal, which is bad news for your gums. By pushing your gums away from your teeth, tartar creates pockets that allow bacteria to grow. If tartar isn’t removed with regular professional cleanings, it can cause gum disease and can even lead to tooth loss.

Reason 2: A thorough job

During a routine cleaning, your dentist or hygienist uses a specialized instrument called a scaler to remove plaque and tartar. The scaler has a bladelike tip that allows them to scrape above and below your gum line as well as in between your teeth (reaching much further than a regular toothbrush). They might also use a vibrating device called an ultrasonic scaler to shake plaque and tartar free. After the cleaning, your teeth get a nice polish, followed by a thorough flossing. How does that compare to your daily routine?

Reason 3: Finding issues early

Visiting your dentist regularly is crucial to spotting dental issues early, before they progress into more costly (and painful) problems.

Take a moment to prepare your family for a school year full of smiles by scheduling dental appointments today.