Summer Sports Safety For Kids

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August 7th, 2019

Summer is the perfect time for kids to spend their days outside playing sports with their friends and teammates. While playing sports and being active is important to maintain good overall health, sports can run the risk of injury. The face and mouth are often unprotected, leaving them more vulnerable to damage and injury.

Common injuries, such as cuts and scrapes on or around the mouth can be easily treated. But a cracked tooth, getting a tooth knocked out, or a mouth collision are more serious injuries and should be treated immediately by calling your dentist and scheduling an appointment. If the injury is serious enough, they may recommend a trip to the emergency room. Do not try to fix the issue without the help of a dental professional—it could make the injury worse.

To keep your child’s smile safe and healthy while playing sports, have them wear a mouthguard as they significantly reduce the risk of injuries and are available at most sporting outlets.

Another important piece of gear for an active child is a full water bottle. As temperatures and humidity rise in Minnesota in the summer, make sure kids are drinking lots of water. Sports drinks are notorious for high amounts of sugar that can lead to tooth decay. Flouridated tap-water is the best way to help them stay hydrated! The Power of Smile-01