Tips to begin a healthy school year

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August 24th, 2023

With the coming of another school year, families tend to focus on new backpacks, pencils and clothing. The start of school also happens to be a great time to think about the role of oral health for children and teens.

Here are a few items to add or skip on your school-supply shopping list:

Illustration of a clear, refillable water bottle, a toothbrush and tube of children's toothpaste
  1. A new water bottle: if possible, allow your child to select a water bottle of their own to bring to school and refill using the drinking fountain. Encourage drinking water throughout the day, and they will benefit from the fluoride added to city water.

  2. Toothbrush: a new toothbrush is a great way to motivate your child to brush their teeth twice daily. It also may be a good time to replace a toothbrush that is frayed or has been in use for 3 months.

Illustration of carrots and an apple

3) Avoid pre-packaged, processed foods or chips/cookies by packing healthy snacks and lunches at home, if possible.

Here are some snacks for school-age children and teens:

  • Cut up cheese and crackers
  • Celery and carrot sticks
  • Cucumber slices +/- dipping sauce/salad dressing
  • Melon cubes
  • A banana
  • Trail mix or granola
  • Apple slices or orange sections
  • Berries

4) Mouthguards: For older kids and teens who are starting school or community sports, don’t forget to buy a mouthguard. Practice for sports often begins before the official start of school, so now is the time to pick up a mouthguard. Remind your child/teen to wear their mouthguard anytime they play- even during practices-especially if participating in contact sports. Also, be sure they rinse the mouthguard before and after use and store the mouthguard in a case so it isn’t tossed into a gym bag with athletic wear and socks.

As always, be sure your child is getting their routine dental visits twice yearly to keep those pearly whites healthy. Staying ahead of oral health can help identify and prevent dental issues.

Have a great school year!🎒✏️📚


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