Eating right during pregnancy for your baby’s oral health

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February 12th, 2019

If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably heard a lot about how important your diet choices are for your developing baby. But did you know that what you eat also plays a crucial part in the development of your baby’s teeth? Celebrate Children’s Dental Health Month by learning which nutrients are especially important for teeth formation!

Calcium Calcium is crucial for establishing bone and teeth strength as teeth and jaw bones begin to take shape. Pregnant or breastfeeding women older than 19 should get 1,000mg/day, and those younger than 19 should get 1,500. Calcium-rich foods include:

  • dairy products
  • fortified cereals
  • almonds, sesame seeds
  • dark, leafy greens

Vitamin D Closely associated with calcium, vitamin D allows your baby’s bones and teeth to develop by helping them absorb calcium and other minerals. The main source is sunlight, but vitamin D can also be obtained from food sources such as:

  • fortified cereals
  • fatty fish

Vitamin C Vitamin C is known as the go-to for cold recovery, but during pregnancy, it helps to establish the inner parts of teeth that are vital to strength and function. Good sources of vitamin C include:

  • kale
  • kiwis
  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • strawberries

Phosphorus Phosphorus works with other minerals, including calcium and magnesium, to build bones and teeth. Phosphorus sources include:

  • chicken
  • fish
  • dairy products
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • beans

Be sure to work with your doctor ensure your diet is helping provide the foundation your baby needs!