What your teeth say about you

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January 23rd, 2018

Graphic of a tooth character asking a question

Did you know that your teeth are as unique as your fingerprints? Not only can your teeth be used to identify you as an individual, but the characteristics of your teeth can tell a lot about you to anyone trained to see.

Do you:

Grind your teeth?

Grinding teeth, which causes them to appear flat, often is the result of someone who is experiencing stress.

Have cracked or uneven teeth?

Folks who have a habit of biting their nails sometimes can have small cracks in their teeth, or uneven tips of their teeth.

Often have swollen gums or loose teeth?

Both conditions often point to diabetes.

Have mouth sores or weak enamel?

Both symptoms can be a sign of vitamin deficiency.

Have healthy teeth, but upper tooth pain?

You may have a sinus infection, which many people often confuse with cavities.

There’s actually 120 health conditions that can be detected through an oral examination – so be sure to see your dentist regularly!