The bigger the network, the better for your business

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November 26th, 2018

When it comes to your business, the bigger dental network you have, the better. With a larger network size, your employees have a greater selection of dentists to choose from, which means lower cost for your and better convenience for your employees.

Lower cost

When your employees have more dentists to choose from, they’re more likely to stay in-network when they seek care – which keeps your costs down! Visiting a network dentist:

  • Helps ensure lower claims costs
  • Offers immediate financial benefits for self-insured groups
  • Leads to more stable overall costs for fully insured groups

It also means lower out-of-pocket expenses for your employees, who are protected from balance billing when they stay in-network.

Better convenience

With the largest network in the nation, it’s more likely that your employees’ preferred dentists are already a part of our network! This puts an end to time-consuming comparison shopping and increases employee satisfaction.

Visiting an in-network dentist saves your employees time, as well. Participating dentists submit claims directly to Delta Dental, so your employees don’t have to handle forms. Plus, when employees visit a network dentist, Delta Dental pays the dentist directly – which means your employees aren’t waiting for a reimbursement.

Find out what dental network is best for your business!