Older Minnesotans top the oral health charts!

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April 28th, 2016

Let’s face it, the state of older Americans’ oral health (and health in general) is insecure. While the reasons for this adversity are complex, among the most prominent are the inability to access healthcare, a general decline of overall health, and lack of knowledge about dental insurance and/or health coverage.

To address the conditions impacting the oral health of seniors and to better understand the oral health of the aging population, Oral Health America (or OHA) developed the State of Decay, a surveying, scoring and reporting system observing the oral health of older Americans. OHA ranked each of the 50 states based on the overall status of their older adult population as measured by an overall state score*.

According to this survey*, Minnesota ranked as the top state for oral health of older adults! This is fantastic news for our state. Minnesota’s oral health advocates partner with local organizations to improve the oral health of the older community, such as our very own Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation, which champions older adult oral health education and age specific training to local dentists and hygienists.  

Still, older Minnesotans face many obstacles to better oral health and experience oral health disparities, including transportation, physical, environmental and financial challenges. But, Minnesota’s long term public health goals for older adult Minnesotans are to preserve and maintain healthy aging by focusing on strategies that decrease morbidity, reduce functional limitations, preserve a good quality of life and maintain independent function*.

Delta Dental of Minnesota is proud to assist the aging population in Minnesota with affordable, turn-key dental benefit plans to ensure affordable access to the proper dental care needed to stay healthy with increased age. It is important to remain a “healthy state” and we are dedicated to topping the State of Decay charts year after year. To assist in this effort, Delta Dental has specific plans for retirees who are looking for best in class service and quality dental benefits. Look no further than Delta Dental of Minnesota to keep your mouth and body healthy.

For more information on your oral health, visit DeltaDentalMN.org.

*OHA State of Decay Report