Chewing Ice: The Reality

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August 26th, 2019

Chewing on ice is a common habit for many people. But have you thought about what it might be doing to your teeth?

Chewing on ice repeatedly can destroy your tooth’s enamel. Enamel helps protect teeth from decay or damage. Losing enamel can cause your teeth to become very sensitive to temperatures, increase the chance of cavities, or even cause cracks or breaks in your teeth. Chewing ice can also cause jaw soreness and toothaches.

Graphic of a cube of ice melting

Causes of Chewing Ice:

Craving ice can be a symptom of anemia caused by an iron deficiency.

If your ice chewing feels compulsive, consult with your doctor immediately. They can help to determine what is causing your cravings and recommend treatments and solutions.

If you find yourself chewing ice to cool down or to help with dry mouth, try switching to cold drinks or sugar-free popsicles. These alternatives could help fill the void without such a serious risk to tooth enamel.

Of course, the best advice for your oral health will always come from consulting with your dentist.