Preparing your teeth for the Minnesota State Fair

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August 23rd, 2017

The end of August means two things for Minnesotans: The close of summer, and the beginning of the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

By and large, native Minnesotans usually fall into one of two categories: Those who hate the Fair, and those who love it. If you’re one of the latter, get your teeth ready for the Minnesota State Fair with these tips:

Practice flossing so that by the time you’ve finished with that first ear of buttered corn, your gums are familiar with and ready for a good floss!

Bring a bottle of water to rinse out your mouth after indulging in sugary, acidic or sticky State Fair delicacies (think hand-pulled toffee, mini donuts, iced lemonade, etc.).

Have an apple or watermelon ready for your post-fair trip. After a day of Pronto Pups, deep-fried candy bars, cheese curds, and all manner of foods on a stick, you’ll probably be too full to want anything else by the time you get home. But if you have an apple or watermelon pieces ready, you won’t only be adding nutrients to your day, but also helping your teeth out. Apples are often called “dental detergent” because of their scrubbing effect on teeth, and watermelon’s high water content, packed with Vitamin C, helps kill mouth bacteria and strengthen gum tissue. So wash off those acids and sugars from your day at the fair with a couple bites of these fruits back at home.

And, as always, DON’T FORGET TO BRUSH!