Father’s Day

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June 16th, 2015

Calling all Dads: Your children want to be just like YOU! They have your ears, smile, and eye color. You are your son or daughter’s superhero. They consistently look up to you as their role model and it’s important to remember that your children follow your every move, including daily routines. To improve your family’s oral health, your daily routine should consist of taking care of your pearly white smile at least twice a day. That includes flossing and brushing! As a father, you teach your children many lessons that they will hopefully remember forever! One lesson that they will always thank you for is teaching them how to take care of their smile.

Quick Tips for Dads:

  • Clean your teeth with your children every morning and night! Lead by example and your children will soon realize that they need to practice this behavior twice a day! Don’t get into the habit of going to bed without brushing your teeth. If your children see this behavior, they will think it’s okay not brush or floss before bedtime! This can lead to tooth decay and other oral health issues!
  • Read oral health books to your children to help them understand the importance of taking care of their smile. There are many interactive & fun oral health books to choose from that kids will love! See Delta Dental of Minnesota Blog for more details.
  • Eat healthy! Eat sweets in moderation and limit the amount of snacking you do on a daily basis. Carbonated beverages, fruit and energy drinks, and sweetened teas are all loaded with sugar. This puts anyone who consumes these items at an increased risk for dental caries. Cookies, cakes, sticky foods (raisins) can also be detrimental of one’s health. Remember, moderation is key when it comes to consuming your favorite snack! Oral Health & Nutrition
  • Go to the Dentist! Don’t set a bad example by skipping out on your regular check-ups.

Now that all the Dads have some tips on how to improve their children’s oral health, it’s time to relax and enjoy some family time! Happy Father’s Day!