Dentists, your child and oral health

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January 10th, 2019

From the first visit through their teenage years, your child’s dentist has an essential role in their oral health.


Preventive care

  • It is really important to keep cavities at bay in childhood. Even though baby teeth fall out, poor oral healthy early in life can have big consequences in adulthood. During a dental cleaning, the dentists removes tartar from their teeth, which prevents cavities from forming.
  • For additional cavity prevention, dentists can place sealants on teeth that are most at risk for tooth decay.
  • Through consistent monitoring, dentists help curb threats to oral health that come with growing up – such as thumb sucking, teeth crowding, fluorosis, eating too much sugar, managing braces and neglecting oral health.

Explaining oral health

  • Dentists are fluent in kid-friendly language when it comes to their oral health, and they are able to explain how kids should take care of their teeth, and why it’s so important, in a way that children understand.
  • Parents have the most important role in their children’s oral health, and dentists are a crucial part of guiding parents in how to model proper oral health habits for their kids.

Shaping attitudes

  • When a child has a good interaction with a dentist during a visit, it helps shape their attitude moving forward. Toys and other little rewards are often offered to children after an appointment to help maintain a good experience.
  • On the flip side, by preventing cavities and toothaches, the dentist helps to minimize unpleasant experiences at the dentist, so children are less nervous about dental appointments.

So – start early, go regularly, and help keep your child healthy for a lifetime.