Dental Madness

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April 3rd, 2015

Which teams are you routing for in the Final Four? Who’s got their money on Kentucky? It’s that time of the year again where everyone competes for the best bracket and goes mad for basketball! With basketball on the brain, it’s hard to concentrate on your overall health, especially your oral health. While the madness is all fun and games, we at Delta Dental know the important relationship between high contact sports and oral health.


1st Half : Safety First

While keeping your children involved in sports and activities is excellent for their overall health, it is also critical to make sure their mouths and teeth are protected during those activities. More than 15 million Americans who are active in sports suffer from dental injuries from competition or practice. Especially in high contact sports such as basketball! It’s important not only to wear your mouth guard during competition but also at practice to keep the pearly white smile protected!

2nd Half : Nutrition

It’s very easy for children to refuel their body with a sports drink after a competition or practice. However, that “blue-frost” or “grape” drink that your child just consumed can be harmful to their oral health. Sports drinks tend to be very high in sugar and acids which can harm tooth enamel. Parents should encourage their children to stay away from the sports drinks and refuel their body in a healthier way! Water is the best option, especially fluoridated water! Studies show that milk is also one of the best ways to replenish energy after a workout!

The next time you update your winnings with March Madness, consider how you can improve your own oral health or the oral health of your kids! Happy March Madness!