Two is the magic number

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April 29th, 2016

Did you know you can save yourself A LOT of money and hassle if you brush your teeth for only two minutes twice a day? Sure, when you get brushing, two minutes feels like a long time. But in reality, it’s not. And those four minutes of preventive care each day can help prevent complications in your mouth that are sure to be costly and painful down the road.

So, to stay healthy, challenge yourself to commit two minutes, twice each day to brushing your teeth. Two minutes out of your day is too much you say? Well look what else you can easily do in just two minutes:

Check the mail, sit through a commercial break, let the dog outside…why not add brushing your teeth to the list? So, get to it. Commit two minutes, twice a day to take care of your teeth. Your smile is worth four short minutes a day, right?

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