National Smile Month

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June 3rd, 2015

In June, we celebrate Father’s day, graduation parties and being out of school for the summer! There’s one more celebration that you may not be aware of that happens every year during the month of June! Any guesses?

Drum roll please…. June is National Smile Month and we are so excited! We love this month and the meaning behind this national celebration! This event was initially known as National Smile Week that started 30 years ago by the British Dental Health Foundation. In 2006, the week turned into a month-long celebration due to the high popularity. In 2009, the British Dental Health Foundation partnered with Oral Health America, to bring the event to America to promote oral healthcare. National Smile Month is one of the largest and longest-running oral health campaigns in the world that promotes three messages to help maintain a healthy smile! First and foremost, it encourages people to watch their nutrition and cut down on sugary foods and drinks. Second, this campaign stresses how important it is to visit the dentist and last but not least it promotes brushing your teeth!! The goal behind all of this is to promote and improve oral health! It’s a fun way to get colleges, community groups, workplaces and health professionals involved to help educate on the importance of oral health.

As you all know the famous saying… Laughter is the Best Medicine! Therefore, let’s continue smiling and laughing to reduce stress, boost our mood, increase our lifespan and of course enhance our beauty! Smiling and laughing is often contagious and your peers will thank you for passing on the mood booster! Happy June, everyone and remember to smile!