Mmm…Tasty foods and drinks that help prevent cavities

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April 2nd, 2018

We’ve all heard about the foods that are bad for our teeth – the sugary treats, the acidic drinks, and why it’s important to brush and rinse to help protect your teeth from their harmful effects. But did you know there are tasty foods and drinks that can help prevent cavities, too?


We’ve written before about tea’s tooth-staining potential (which can be mitigated by good oral health care), but black and green tea can actually also help prevent cavities! If you drink green or black tea after indulging in a sugary snack, it can help reduce bacteria and stop plaque buildup – but only if you drink it without added cream or sugar!


Wine and chocolate really are perfect together! Having a glass after a box of chocolates can help to fight cavity-promoting bacteria. Red wine is particularly good for this.


Milk – good for your bones, and good for your teeth! Milk can help increase pH levels while you’re eating sugary foods, bringing the acid levels down in your mouth and strengthening teeth.


Did you know cheese can help prevent cavities from forming? Much like milk, cheese can change the pH level in plaque, increase calcium and making you salivate – all of which helps fight cavities.

Gum (Sugar-Free)

Many sugar-free gums use a natural ingredient called xylitol to sweeten without sugar. But xylitol also has extra benefits – helping to fight cavity-causing bacteria and prevent plaque buildup.


Apples, like most fruit, do have higher sugar levels and can be acidic – but they also fuel saliva flow, which lowers bacteria levels and reduced cavities.