Cabin bound

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June 3rd, 2015

Before you’re cabin bound for next weekend remember some quick tips to ensure your oral health is in good care!


Be sure to include a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and mouth wash before you hit the road! You can never have too many toothbrushes so be sure to pack extras in case your friends or family have forgotten theirs!

Protect Your Toothbrush:

To ensure that your toothbrush is in good care, pack a cap to prevent damage to the bristles! When you arrive at your destination, be sure to remove the cap to avoid bacteria build-up!


Apply sunscreen! Like toothpaste, sunscreen highlights the importance of preventative care! Preventative Care works to protect threats to one’s health by taking precautions ahead of time. It is better to apply sunscreen to prevent skin damage or burns than paying for it afterwards! We do the same with toothpaste! We brush our teeth at least two times a day along with flossing to help prevent future oral health problems! Don’t forget to apply Chap Stick to your lips! They need sunscreen, too! It’s recommended to apply at least 15+ SPF.

Stay Hydrated:

It is incredibly important to stay hydrated during the summer! In order for your body to function properly, water is essential. Tap water is always a great option with its natural levels of fluoride! Fluoride helps protect teeth from decay! See Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more details.

Pack Healthy! :

Cabins are always filled with fun activities and grill-outs! It’s important to pack healthy snacks that won’t be detrimental to your oral health! Cheese, Yogurt, Nuts are all healthy options that won’t ruin that pearly white smile!

Don’t let your cabin trips ruin your oral health this summer! Take care of that smile!