5 tips to help you drink more water

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July 12th, 2017

Fruit infused water

Eight glasses a day. That’s the rule we’ve been taught since grade school when it comes to drinking water. The benefits of consuming nature’s purest offering are second to none when you consider humans themselves are made of 70 percent H2O—we need it, quite simply, to function. But it is also essential to keeping your teeth in check, rinsing away debris and preventing tooth decay.

To ensure you get your eight glasses (or 64 ounces) per day, we have a few tips to keep you hydrated and healthy.

Change It Up

While no one can argue its benefits, sometimes drinking plain water might bore the taste buds. Instead of opting for sugary or carbonated drinks that can hack away at the health of your teeth, add natural produce to your glass to keep things interesting. Strawberry and basil is a fresh combination, or try the tried-and-true spa favorite of adding a cucumber slice. Go easy on lemon, though, as citrus can wear down irreplaceable tooth enamel.

Track It

At a time when everyone seems to be talking about getting their steps in, why not track your equally important water consumption? Consider apps like Waterlogged, Daily Water and Hydrate Daily. If an app isn’t your thing, set a reminder in your email calendar at the same times every day to get up and take a trip to the water cooler.

Pair It Up

Drinking those eight glasses of water can feel much easier when you associate it every time with food. Precede any meal or snack with one glass, and you might find yourself seeing more than just hydration health benefits.

Keep It Cool

There’s something so invigorating about cold water. Steel water bottles are rising in popularity because they hold the water’s temperature and steel doesn’t produce harmful BPAs like some plastics do. Keep a few steel water bottles at home in the kitchen, living room and bedroom, so it’s easy to reach for one throughout your daily routine. Opt for tap water rather than bottled water so you give your teeth cavity-fighting fluoride.

Reward Yourself

At the end of a long week, do something nice for yourself if you’ve hit your goal. Get a manicure or allow yourself a little extra chill time. Fifty-six glasses of water a week is no easy task, but your body—and your teeth—will thank you in the long run.